Monday, March 9, 2009

Pterodactyl With A Machine Gun

Shirt of the day on is awesome!!! It's a black shirt with stars showing constellations on it. The fun part is, the constellations are things like "Utah" or "Pterodactyl With A Machine Gun" or "Nondescript Polygon." This shirt describes how I feel about constellations...the only one (besides the Big Dipper) that I can ever find is one I labeled myself, called "The Great Glove." The shirt also glows in the dark! This shirt is awesome. I think I'm going to take a huge credibility jump, and actually buy this shirt...yeah...

Rating: 10/10

As always, visit to read the description and actually buy the shirt. Shirts are available for one day only at $10 (including shipping) and usually for some time afterwards at a higher price.

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