Sunday, January 4, 2009


I rather like today's shirt on It's a very red shirt featuring a tea packet standing on the edge of a teacup parting the waters (the tea). The packet is complete with a golden halo and staff. The intent of this shirt is obviously to refer to the story in Exodus of Moses parting the Red Sea so the Israelites could cross to safety away from the pursuing Egyptians. I think it's an interesting choice to have the red part of the story as the shirt color, a color calls "Parting The Red Tee." You'd think the tea in the cup would be red, but instead it's a white and gray color that makes the "tea" look like cake frosting. I think it'd be a better design if the tea was red, and the background was different...or maybe I'm just too literal...

Rating: 7/10

As always, visit to read the description and actually buy the shirt. Shirts are available for one day only at $10 (including shipping) and usually for some time afterwards at a higher price.

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